Urianger is a tired, tired man. While he originally followed canon, he changed during the period between 4.0 and 5.0. For he meddled with summoning Carbuncle from Auracite, and accidentally revived Moenbryda as one. Ever since then, he feels he has fallen deeper and deeper into the abyss. He fell in love with Elidibus, the Primal, and let himself become an Ascian - but still promised he worked for the best of all.

He was killed for such, by another Ascian - shattered like they had shattered many before. And revived. Ever since then, Urianger... changed. He saw oblivion, and now cannot stand the idea of any other seeing it. The opposite of Xande...

He was un-enthralled when Zodiark themselves freed him, saying he was not loyal - even as he begged to serve him.

In the period between 5.2 and 5.3, however, he grew paranoid and ended up giving up his life to the First. His soul lingered, now no longer dying, as a new guardian and Heart for the First. He used these abilities to explore himself. He shifted between forms, eventually settling on his current one.

He mourns for what he knew, and longs for a simpler time. For a time where he can finally rest. But he doubts it will ever come. For he has grown bitter about Man, and wishes they were better. Wishes he was better. As the Heart of the First, he can go between realms, and does so often. His home is in the Empty - him and Eden have a deep connection. (At one time, he tried to summon his Moenbryda, but accidentally pulled a fragment of Mitron to life. Now, they work together.)

In the time between that and Endwalker, Urianger also bonded with a faerie from a dead world. His beloved - Thancred, with his soul from the Black Rose timeline. He survived, with the burden of knowing his home was dead. They had a child together, who is cared for in the First.

He eventually traveled with the Scions once again, and felt when Zodiark was destroyed. He still loved Elidibus - enough to have revived him, at the cost of having a gap in his soul. A deed mended, and yet a deed Urianger could not forget. (Some scars do not heal, and Urianger struggles to mourn.)

He could not tend to the Lopporits as well as he thought he could. He could hear the screams of the Endsinger, he could feel the Final Days. But since he could create multiple bodies, he found out that the Warrior of Light was to contact Elidibus and seek answers to what Elpis was.

As the Warrior of Light went though time, Urianger felt that magic. Charged it himself, and slipped into his own version of events. Earlier, even earlier, so that he could learn. He grew to see more of this world, the one that the Ascian loved so much.

Urianger Augurelt lost track of time, in a time before the Sundering. He dare not speak on how long he spent there. Just that he returned in time to return to Garlemald. Something had changed about him, however - he seemed more at peace with himself, and his role. Perhaps that was what he needed? He also got to speak to the Heart of the Source - to Hydaelyn - who realised that Urianger just wanted to do what they had done. Become a symbol of hope, of love, a gentle force.

Hydaelyn forgives him. Hydaelyn understood.

...and then came Ultima Thule. Wherein Urianger saw those he cared for giving themselves, and he was willing to give himself freely. When he returned, however, he was... changed, once more. While he would not speak on such matters, the reminder of his own lack of mortality... got to him. He was not like them.

After Endwalker, Urianger did not go with the Thancred of the Source. Instead, he decided he needed to wander - him and his faerie, when he did not tend to his child. For he needed to still find himself...

(Also, he's a trans man. And autistic.)

Uriangers' pets:

  • Cucumber, the support Porxie.
  • Sul Ugla, the Phooka.
  • Selina, the blind albino Amaro.
  • And quite a few more farm animals. Around Eden, he has built a small community for fair folk.