tldr; due to roleplay events, Urianger is the Heart of the First, able to take the form of a large deer-like beast. He has become a lot less guarded about himself, but also carries unspeakable pains. In the time of Ancients, he is known as a small familiar who is made to study.

There was once a man known as Urianger Augurelt. He reached for the moon, but fell short. Again and again.

But he continued to reach. Eventually, he gave in to those who could give him more, even if it would result in him losing himself, slowly.

Urianger Augurelt was ascended as an Ascian, as Loghrif. His fingers intertwined with Elidibus, he gave in. And yet, he would not betray those he loved.

His ascention was not accepted by all Ascian. And, on one dull night, one took action.

And the man known as Urianger Augurelt was no more.

Due to the deeds of those who loved him, Urianger Augurelt was recreated. From oblivion bloomed the gentle soul who cherished the star. But he had changed. Afraid of letting others see that same oblivion, he began to look into immortality. His body fragile, his soul moreso, Urianger Augurelt was a mess. In order to keep him stable, Elidibus exchanged fragments of their souls.

Urianger Augurelt was also lonely, paranoid. He learned to bring back the dead, with his Carbuncle - who held the soul of his beloved Moenbryda. His fellow Scion often left him to his own devices. Did any of them know he'd become what they hated most?

And then, he was pulled to the First. And then, his soul still weak, the Light burned it. (He heard a whisper.) He fled, to the realm of the faeries, and they offered to save him from burning. Urianger dare not take it. (The others needed him.) He burned, only soothed by the comfort of the Exarch, at times. A bargain, struck between them.

The First was saved, by the power of the Warrior of Light. Urianger got to see more of what his Ascended self would have known. But, it was Emet-Selch who casually mentioned that Urianger had not been Ascended to the current Loghrif - but the one previous. (The one who had vanished mysteriously, leaving Gaia as their recommended successor.) A mistake Urianger wished to ask Elidibus about.

But Elidibus was lost to madness, the loss of the Unsundered breaking him.

Urianger had to watch as his beloved Elidibus was sealed away, that portion of his soul gone as well. Using the fragment of Elidibus he carried, he allowed him to exist again. (His own well-being mattered not. Not when there were others who were beloved.) But the delay in returning to his body left Urianger too weak.

(He still heard the voice in the Empty. Both him and the girl known as Gaia heard it.)

Urianger finally took the bargain. He would let the fae take him, as long as he survived. He was gifted a position of Father to them, and then made up his mind. If he had this power - if he could help - he would find a new settlement for the fair folk who did not belong in Il Mheg.

His journey took him to Eden.
His journey took him to Mitron.

And his journey took him to protecting them both. Freeing Mitron from burden, and gifting them a new life. Saving Gaia from being force-Ascended.

From where Eden took up life, Urianger began to build a new paradise. A new home, for those who wished for it. Others soon came to him - a faerie who came from another version of events, from the timeline where Black Rose had wiped out life. (The Exarch had accidentally summoned some from there, and had to bargain with Feo Ul to save them.)

Together, they became Ul Lyon and Sigun Lyon, caretakers of the World Tree. Due to Uriangers' position, he had not simply become a fae - but he had chosen to become the Heart of the First. Two broken things, living to see a brighter future. (Hydaelyn was needed for the Source, as was Zodiark. He had done good, had he not?)

But Urianger was still helping the Source. Those he loved, even if they did not care for him. (He never mourned Elidibus. He was alive, in a way, was he not? So why would he mourn?) Eventually, he met Fandaniel. He tried to tell him that people wished to live.

Urianger had even taken up the role of Elidibus, if only to try and help.

It did not.

Zodiark woke, and Zodiark died. Urianger felt it, in his very soul. Despair threatened to overtake him. And thus, while he lingered to aid the Lopporit, he fled to the First. His mind occupied.

Yet, as Elidibus' power surged, Urianger felt it. Urianger was pulled back - but further back then even the Warrior of Light. To the land that the Ancients had loved so very deeply. He was there for longer then he dares admit. They saw him as a familiar, a faerie who was not as Wild as the others. One they could learn from, and one who wished to learn.

He met his ancient self. Urianger met Pan.

And Urianger was one of the few Pan went to when they retired. They had been cursed by the land below, and did not wish to hurt others. And thus, they fled. Letting themselves die forgotten.

After Pan vanished, Urianger was seen as a sign that they lived. A sign of hope. He spent most of his time in Elpis, stable enough to explore the land. But Urianger simply wished to be pampered. Treated more like an animal then a person. (He was loved. He was loved...)

Eventually, his time came to an end. Urianger had to confront the future, had to remember to speak in the modern tongue. Had to remember he had a duty to these people, to bring peace to those gentle souls he had met.

The stars called for them, in the end, to confront Meteoin. (Urianger had watched the Meteoin grow. He had loved them. He would show them his truth.) His conviction, alongside Y'shtola, opened the path.

Once again, Urianger Augurelt felt oblivion. There was nothing to fight against, just gentle hands trying to beckon him forward. He could rest. He could finally rest, free of his eternal burdens.

Not yet, Urianger said. Not yet...

Urianger woke again, summoned back. Once again, he did not know if he was himself. But this time, he did not question it.

He watched the dead worlds, he came with the group. But when he saw the final one, when he saw Ra-La, they shared a look. Urianger knew, at that moment, that this was his future. This was what he would eventually become. A final freedom, to those who reach the end of their lives.

And in that moment, Urianger felt peace with who he was.

He was the kindness to do what had to be done. Even if the Heart of a Star was not needed, he was the kindness to know how to help those who needed it.

And so, he set out with a few close friends, to rediscover himself...