Urianger Augurelt has been though a lot, in his life. He has been though many different forms - Ascian, Sin Eater, Faerie. Each form has changed his viewpoint, and changed his life.

He has been killed and no longer existed before, he has met beings from 'tween realities, and has always been a wellspring of aether.

Now? He has given himself to the Empty, and had his soul reshaped into a Kirin - a guardian faerie. (Known as Ul Lyon to the fair folk who followed him.) Even now, he wants the Scions to be safe... and he wishes to be loved. Even as he has moved back to the Source, he has made his home between realities. For he is worth love.

(Also, he's a trans man. And autistic.)

Uriangers' pets:

  • Cucumber, the support Porxie.
  • Sul Ugla, the Phooka.
  • Selina, the blind albino Amaro.
  • And quite a few more farm animals.
Urianger if he was a boss fight.